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Oriental Veterinary Medicine Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise integrating production, processing and sales. The company has been rated as a provincial-level enterprise respecting contracts and keeping promises over the years. It is a provincial-level consumer trustworthy unit and has been rated as a veterinary medicine production unit for 11 consecutive years.


The company to a high starting point, high quality, high efficiency as the goal, since the production, many aspects of recruitment talent and mark the company's level of production, testing equipment and management mode, all staff not afraid of difficulties, determined to reform, pioneering forward, bold innovation, a big step a year, every year on the steps, so that animal husbandry presents a thriving, thriving scene, At present, the company has four production lines, mainly producing vitamin premix, microelement premix, compound premix, microbial feed additives, yeast series products and more than 70 varieties of five categories. The "Hangfeng" brand feed additive products produced by the company are packaged and produced according to the national standard, and the products are in short supply and well received by users.


Production equipment, standardized production management, strict quality supervision, perfect management system, under the guidance of the spirit of enterprise, we are willing to provide breeding enterprises with our "Hangfeng" brand animal nutrition feed additives, sincerely thank new and old customers for their strong support, and welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance.

Looking forward to the 21st century, orientals will follow the trend of The Times, grasp the pulse of science and technology, with a high level of mission and high-tech animal feed products, for our animal husbandry dedication.

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Cangzhou Oriental Veterinary Medicine Co.,Ltd. Cangzhou Oriental Veterinary Medicine Co.,Ltd. Cangzhou Oriental Veterinary Medicine Co.,Ltd. Cangzhou Oriental Veterinary Medicine Co.,Ltd.
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No. of Employees : 50~100

Annual Sales : 5000000-10000000

Year Established : 2016

Export p.c : 90% - 100%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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